Ramirez - Mosh Pit Killa (feat. ZillaKami)

Ramirez  - Mosh Pit Killa (feat. ZillaKami)
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Ramirez - Mosh Pit Killa (feat. ZillaKami)
Ramirez - Mosh Pit Killa (feat. ZillaKami)
Скачать песню Ramirez - Mosh Pit Killa (feat. ZillaKami) в формате mp3 с длиной 02:31, размером 5.84 Mb (мегабайт) а также, с высоким качеством звука 320 бесплатно без регистрации и еще текст песни.
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Do la mia pace, non guardare i nostri peccati, ma alla fede della tua chiesa, e donale unità e pace secondo la tua volontà, tu che vivi e regni nei secoli dei secoli
[Kids]: Amen
[Priest]: La pace del signore sia sempre con voi
[Kids]: E con il tuo spirito

Bitch I'm that mothafucka you don’t wanna fuck with
I keep a Glock right by my side ready to bust shit
You thought that you could act up fuck these repercussions
Bitch I don't give a mother fuck cause I'm disgusting
Bring your crucifixes cause I’m spreading like the plague
Welcome to the black abyss, where your soul cannot be saved
Deep inside the mystic fog a dead man rises from his grave
They still know me in the hood, as the one who was unnamed
Standing by the fence I make a oath, and then I sacrifice
Baphomet rise from your throne, I sit here and give I you life
Blood is dripping from the ceiling dwelling having evil visions
Popping on the shotty, but Ramirez bout to pull and kill it
Murder running through my mind, go get ya bible
This the one that sits up in the dark, that Jesus rival
Step into the chamber with the tortures and the psycho
Falling to your fucking knees and beg for your survival

Bitch I'm that godzilla that you don't wanna start with (Huh?)
I bloody noses the crowd killa in the moshpit (Okay)
When I enter into your life, it is a plot twist
Then end your story, you don't have no other option (Yeah!)
Bring you into hell, then I go into your burial (Huh?)
Sad to say you going deeper down you know what area (Huh huh)
Make it rain the fish and frogs, oh Jesus what a miracle (Okay!)
They bow to the dog because resistance was illogical (Wassup!)
Spread my plague (Yeah!)
Dead eye, rage (Yeah!)
Drink the punch into my daze (Yeah!)
Spread my plague (Yeah!)
Rise from grave (Yeah!)
Go tell mom, its not a phase (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Nello spirito del Cristo risorto, diamoci un gesto di pace
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