Olivia Rodrigo - Brutal

Olivia Rodrigo - Brutal
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Olivia Rodrigo - Brutal
Olivia Rodrigo - Brutal
Скачать песню Olivia Rodrigo - Brutal в формате mp3 с длиной 02:23, размером 5.51 MB (мегабайт) а также, с высоким качеством звука 320 kbps бесплатно без регистрации и еще текст песни.
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I want it to be like, messy

I'm so insecure I think
That I'll die before I drink
And I'm so caught up in the news
Of who likes me and who hates you

And I'm so tired that I might
Quit my job, start a new life
And they'd all be so disappointed
'Cause who am I if not exploited

And I'm so sick of seventeen
Where's my f#ckin' teenage dream?
If someone tells me one more time
"Enjoy your youth," I'm gonna cry

And I don't stick up for myself
I'm anxious and nothing can help
And I wish I'd done this before
And I wish people liked me more
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