Twenty One Pilots - Redecorate

Twenty One Pilots - Redecorate
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Twenty One Pilots - Redecorate
Twenty One Pilots - Redecorate
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Taking inventory of his life
Seeing snapshots chronologically in line
Something told him he should look around and tidy up
He collected many things but never quite enough
Tried looking at it from a new perspective
Flat on his back but he still heard the directive
Orders from that corner where that shadow always lived
Never asked permission, he just hopes that they forgive

I don't want to go like this
At least let me clean my room
I don't want to leave like this
'Cause the last thing I want to do is
Make my people make decisions
Wondering what to do, oh
Should they keep it on display
Or redecorate?

Blankets over mirrors, she tends to like it
She's not afraid of her reflection but of what she might see behind it
She had plans to change her name (Yeah)
Just not the traditional way (Yeah)
Haunted by a couple big mistakes
She covers all the dents with the way she decorates
Then one night she got cold with no blankets on her bed
So she ripped them off the mirror, stepped back and she said