$Uicideboy$ - Avalon

$Uicideboy$ - Avalon
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$Uicideboy$ - Avalon
$Uicideboy$ - Avalon
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Psycho ward to the mental, I'm a don
In the wards got the fenty in my 'ron
Skate the block off them xannies so I'm calm
Cough a lot from that damage to my lungs ay

Dope smoking gun toting I'm a killer's killer
Pill popper, I don't know a lot who really sicker
Full of liquor, codeine drinker f#cking up my liver
Pull the trigger, up the thriller to the highest bidder

Ooh la la what's the vibe pussyboy?
AK boom put 'em in their tomb take lives just because
Say nah I'm on fire from the drugs
Bend that hoe, gave that bitch some dick, she get off of my nut