Freddie Dredd - Gtg

Freddie Dredd - Gtg
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  • Длительность MP3: 01:33
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  • Дата релиза: 13-05-2021, 06:30
Freddie Dredd - Gtg
Freddie Dredd - Gtg
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Come on baby lets go get another fucking stain
Beat them beat them with the chain feelin good up in the rain
Thera therapy Ill be killing bitches til the end of me
Choking on your words tell you when its gonna hurt

Ima break your heart Freddie gonna make you f#ckin split apart
What the fuck was that Fredd
Get up get up get up get up get up bitch

Consequences heavy are you bitches ready
Step into my Chevy aimin very steady
Calm down you aint scared now
You accept your fate you cant relate you bow down

Stop that bitchin shit you never know who got the clip
Aimin at your head dead gonna put your ass to bed
Night night bitch yous a light bitch
Freddie bright bitch murk a f#ckin snitch
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