Gee Baller - Чистый Freestyle

Gee Baller - Чистый Freestyle
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Gee Baller - Чистый Freestyle
Gee Baller - Чистый Freestyle
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Eh wait I came from nothing to something
So don't you be buggin what you know about
Hitting licks on a Sunday
This ain't nothing like Compton R.I.P to Kobe

Pray that' when I'm dead
Generations gon' know me
From Moscow to Nairobi
Kicking raps when I'm lonely

Shopping packs like am ponny
Scarface like I'm tony wait eh
Posted in the trap
Tryna Stack up a profit
I been in the streets
All my life like an orphan
I just kill a beat
And I do it with caution
Rest In Peace